Welcome to the cozy little patch of internet known as The Cargo Hold, where reside all of Mandi @ Cargo's personal petz!

Navigate by clicking on the four petz above! This is the second version of The Cargo Hold, and featured in it are some of my all-time favorites: Shards, hexed by Max, Losh, bred by Amber, my Bulbasaur hex, and Annie, bred by Vee. The top and bottom background is from Tiffany @ Sprocket!

Find my crew under Dogz and Catz. Clicking on the Bulbasaur takes you to a record of all my hexed things. The Show Team section holds all of my pose-showing petz and records their wins. Also, if it interests you, I have a rather established PKC kennel which you can check out at Grand Theft.

Look around, drool some, and enjoy your stay, but please leave your petz-nabbing sacks outside! Mandi

Best Hostess Ever

Pet Count!   Hexed Dogz: 261 | Hexed Catz: 64 | Natural Dogz: 391 | Natural Catz: 322 | SGCh: 178

Last Updated: April 30th, 2019

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