Available Adoptions

Adoption Rules

1. You must register and show the pet in the PKC.
2. Limit of one pet per person per litter. No limit on total adoptions at a time, but please be reasonable ;P
3. Unless otherwise stated, Cargo's is to be the only prefix (not Cargo's plus your own).
4. If you no longer want the pet, I'd appreciate if you would send it back to me to rehome or keep and show myself.
5. These adoptions are not first-come-first-serve; they all require a 'why'. I want to know why you want the pet and what you have planned for it. Whether it takes you two sentences or two paragraphs to explain that is your call!
6. The "Experience with the breed?" part of the form is for curiosity's sake only; you don't have to have experience to adopt.
7. Please use a separate form for each pet you apply for, but all in the same email.
8. Title your email Grand Theft Adoption - [pet(s) names here], but replacing what's inside the brackets so I don't accidentally miss your application.


Your name:
Your kennel/cattery:
PKC username:
Pet you want:
Pet's parents: (callnames)
Experience with the breed?: