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We are a Petz 3+ website and home of the Cargo Petz Kennel Club show team. Here are also the subkennels Stirran Sighthounds and Andervale, Lalaith cattery, and my part of the joint-kennel Danois Great Danes. I keep complete records of my show petz here, so browse to your heart's content!

This is the tenth version of Grand Theft, and I'm proud to say it is the first (decent) one made by myself! Featured in it are Yorkshire Terrier Sophia, Chihuahua Ecliptica, and Pekingese Taizu.


Latest Wins Added: Supernova Grand (August)

Petz Kennel Club Statistics
Joined: September 2006

CH: 1026
GCH: 88
Pr: 41
ODX: 22
ACP: 8

Group 1: 414
Best in Show: 70

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